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Small Class Sizes Foster Learning                            

The small classes at McCloud Elementary enable students to focus on learning and allow teachers to work one-on-one with students.  The combination classrooms encourage peer tutoring and cross-age learning on many levels.  Our teachers are dedicated to addressing the needs of every student by recognizing that individual students have various backgrounds and learning styles. The small class sizes help to ensure that all students have access to necessary resources.

Teaching Staff

Greta Jones: Preschool

Danielle Callahan :Kindergarten/1st /2nd Grades

Heather Moyer: 3rd - 4th Grades

Jeralee Hanson : 5th - 6th Grades

Shelley Cain: 6th-7th-8th Grade English Language Arts & GATE Coordinator

Melissa Ericsson:  6-7-8 Grade Math; 7th/8th Science, History & PE

Brian Casey:  Resource Specialist

Support Staff

Amber Ramos: SAFE Coordinator

Sarah Fraley: Instructional Aide

Kelly Fox: Resource & Instructional Aide

Christine Lynch - SAFE Aide and Instructional Aide

Trevor Kuzma: Psychologist

Barbra Lewis: Nurse

Norman May: Cafeteria Manager

Steven Ramos: Custodian/ Maintenance

Administrative Staff

Rosa Mero: Administrative Secretary

Shelley Cain: Superintendent/Principal

Members of the Board of Trustees

Amber Debon - President

Sybil Stewart - Clerk

Chuck Ott - Trustee

Daniel Bringle - Trustee

Anne Mero - Trustee